Fun Fact: Fragrance & Witchcraft
As we head into the witchy season...

Classical descriptions of witchcraft echo ancient fears of women's perfumes and scented cosmetics, which were conventionally thought of as altering the minds of men, who could be seduced by sweet scents into doing things they would not willingly choose to do.

In the Greco-Roman civilization in particular, perfumes were a means of communicating with the Gods. Thus, burning incense was a way of coming into direct contact with them by paying homage to them. Ancients used fragrance extensively in their rituals, even scented inks, and doctors believed strong-smelling botanicals to be more medically effective than others. The gods themselves were thought to smell sweet, and places they touched retained a pleasant odor, making scent a sign of contact with the divine.

Smells are impossible to see or touch, yet they affect us emotionally and even physically. That’s similar to how many people think of magic, and cultures around the world have connected the two.

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