Flexible Payment Terms Available: A Guide To PayPal Credit
We are excited to announce that BathBodySupply.com is now offering flexible payments through PayPal! PayPal Credit allows you to finance your inventory and pay in installments, adding flexibility and options to best suit your individual business needs. Small businesses especially can benefit from keeping cash out of inventory. You can take advantage of this option by selecting the PayPal icon at checkout, and signing into your PayPal account. If you have credit set up through PayPal already and would like to use your account to purchase inventory with us, or if you are interested in applying for PayPal Credit, this blog is a perfect starting point. Read on to discover our new options for paying later and getting started with PayPal Credit.

What Are My Options?

PayPal offers 2 separate options for paying over time: Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit. Both options require approval through your PayPal account, and restrictions apply in certain states. We’ve listed certain key restrictions below, but recommend visiting PayPal’s website for a complete list of restrictions depending on payment method.

Pay in 4

PayPal’s Pay in 4 option allows you to complete your purchase in 4 installments over a span of 6 weeks. This allows you to complete your purchase with a 25% down payment, and then let autopay handle the rest! This option is ideal for smaller purchases that you or your business would prefer to pay off gradually.

Details – Pay in 4
  • Pay in 4 installments over a 6 week timeline, with payment occurring on the day of purchase, payment 2 at week 2, payment 3 at week 4, and payment 4 at week 6.
  • Initiate your purchase with a 25% down payment, and then use autopay to make your remaining payments automatically.
  • Available to consumers upon approval — a soft credit check may be needed upon applying, but will not affect your credit score.
  • Limited to purchases of $30 – $1,500.
  • Not currently available to residents of: Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wisconsin, or any US Territories.

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit allows you to pay off purchases interest-free as long as they are paid in full within 6 months. This is a wonderful option for companies placing larger, more expensive orders that they would like to pay off over time.

Details – PayPal Credit
  • Pay off your purchase interest-free if paid in full in 6 months on payments of $99+.
  • Minimum monthly payments are required (this monthly minimum payment may or may not pay off your purchase within a 6 month period).
  • Interest after 6 months will depend on the Purchase APR applicable to your PayPal account. APR varies depending on your individual PayPal account.
  • Click here for more details as well as terms and conditions for PayPal Credit.

How to Use and Register for PayPal Credit on Our Website

If you already have a PayPal Credit account set up, checking out with PayPal on our site is quick and easy -- simply select the “PayPal Credit” option, and log in to your PayPal account to complete your purchase. If you don’t have a PayPal account (or you have a PayPal account but haven’t set up PayPal Credit), the process will be a bit lengthier, but still very user-friendly. You can register and get approved on PayPal’s website, which is accessible at checkout.

Please note that approval for PayPal Credit is granted through PayPal’s platform, and is independent of our company operations. Approval depends on a variety of factors that you can learn more about here.

Sales tax may apply depending on your shipping location.

Method 1 (Standard Checkout)

1.) Login to your BathBodySupply.com account (or create your online account on our website).

2.) After adding the products you want to purchase, navigate to your cart at the top righthand corner of the screen:

3.) Click on the cart, and then select “Proceed to Checkout” in the below menu:

4.) Select your shipping address and method, then then scroll down to "choose one payment method":

5.) Select the “Pay Later” option (the third yellow bar shown above). The FIRST “PayPal” option will initiate a standard PayPal transaction with no financing options. Next, login to your PayPal account. Select one of the shipping addresses in your PayPal Account and then choose either "Pay Later" or "PayPal Credit" to complete the transaction.

Method 2 (Quick Shortcut)

1.) After adding the products you want to purchase, login to your account and navigate to your cart at the top righthand corner of the screen:

2.) Click on the cart. The following menu will appear:

3.) Select the “Pay Later” option to pay using either Pay in 4 or PayPal Credit. (The FIRST yellow PayPal button will initiate a standard one-time PayPal payment with no financing options.) You will be directed to the PayPal login screen, and can either sign into your PayPal account or create one and pay from there.

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