Why Use A Soap-Based Sugar Scrub?
Most commercial sugar scrubs rely on two basic ingredients: sugar and oil

We, personally, don't like drippy and oily scrubs that separate when they sit on the shelf. It makes it difficult to use the product without making a mess and oil in the shower or tub is a recipe for a slip and fall accident! This is why we formulated our emulsified sugar scrubs almost two decades ago. By using an emulsifier, we can thicken your typical oil and sugar formula and make it water-soluble so that it is safer and easier to use in a wet environment. 

For some people, though, an emulsified scrub is still just too oily. Perhaps you don't care for the texture or feel like you need additional cleansing after using an oil based exfoliant. Maybe you just don't have a lot of time and the thought of having to cleanse, then exfoliate and then cleanse again is just not appealing. Or perhaps you need to exfoliate but plan to wax your skin and need an oil-free surface prior to hair-removal.

This is where a soap-based exfoliator can come into play! A soap based exfoliator begins with either a liquid base or a semi-solid base like our Suspension Gel Soap or our Foaming Bath Whip. With a liquid base, you are limited to the amount of exfoliant the base can comfortable suspend. While a semi-solid soap base can often accommodate many times its weight in exfoliant which makes it ideal as a base for Foaming Sugar Scrub!

Clean and exfoliate your skin in one step. How's that for efficiency?

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