Why Should You Solubilize Bath Oil?
Did You Know? 
Oil & Water require a solubilizer to fully incorporate with one another. 

By solubilizing your bath oils you create a safer vehicle for fragrance and essential oils, reduce the incidence of "slip & fall" hazards and plumbing issues! 

Solubilizers allow the bath oil to disperse in water. The absence of a solubilizer results in a layer of oil swimming on top of the water. When using essential oils or fragrance, this can result in uneven application of fragrance to skin (or mucus membranes in the case of a bath) which can cause sensitization and irritation of the skin. 

Without the use of a solubilizer, oil can also build up on towels or clothing which can create a flammable situation when laundered. A solubilizer allows for the oily material to fully release when laundered so that it does not cling to the fabric.

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