What Is Tub Tea?
Bath teas (aka tub teas) are exactly what they sound like — tea sachets filled with herbs, flowers, oats, and/or salt that can be added to warm bath water. While a bath tea will look aesthetically pleasing no matter what's inside, its potential health benefits will vary based on the ingredients. Steep yourself in a relaxing, soothing blend of herbs, fruits, and flowers to feel your stresses drift away. Using tea in your bath infuses your bathwater with antioxidants while providing a relaxing experience and helping balance your skin. And your bathroom will smell lovely! We recommend adding your bath tea to a disposable (and sealable) tea bag or a re-useable muslin bag or stainless steel tea strainer to prevent clogged drains and messy clean up (because those things are the opposite of "relaxing"!).

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