What Is Suspension Gel Soap?
Suspension Gel Soaps are liquid cleansers that are capable of suspending small particulate matter throughout the soap product. Most liquid suspension soaps require thickness to suspend items. If you have ever added luffa, jojoba beads or other exfoliants, you know they will sink to the bottom of the container in traditional liquid soap bases. This is unsightly and can cause clogging of the dispenser when the product is used.

An invisible matrix is created in our suspension gel that physically suspends particulates as if they are in an "anti-gravity" state. Even without adding exfoliants, rapid mixing will introduce bubbles into the gel and they will stay that way (slightly heating the base will release air bubbles, so in hotter climates these "bubbles" may be less apparent). Although not as as thick as a typical shower gel, our suspension gel soap offers good foaming properties and is mild to the skin. This product is gentle enough be used for facial washes and looks great in clear containers. This versatile soap base allows you to offer many product variations!

What are the different types of exfoliating additives that are available to customize this product?
  1. Mica and/or Glitter can provide a sparkly appearance to the finished product as well as very mild exfoliation.
  2. Jojoba Beads are made from hydrogenated jojoba wax and different pigments. They are available in a range of colors and their small, uniform size makes them a gentle choice for facial washes.
  3. VitaBurst Beads are tiny beads composed from naturally derived cellulose and specialty oils/ ingredients. Each Vita Burst Bead is different - different colors, different oils and different benefits. Vita Burst Beads are designed to melt on contact with the skin, releasing the specialty oils and their benefits. These beads are slightly larger and softer than Jojoba Beads.
  4. Natural Pumice Powder from volcanic ash is extra fine, giving it very mild exfoliation properties.

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