What Is Folded Orange Oil?
Folded essential oils (typically citrus essential oils) have been further distilled and concentrated to create a more concentrated, and usually stronger smelling, essential oil. 

Terpene compounds that are prone to oxidation are removed, to make the oil more concentrated (5, 10 or 15 fold concentrations are available). This process also makes the resulting "folded" oil more shelf stable. This is because terpenes contribute to a shorter shelf life. 

Folded oils are no longer phototoxic, often making them safer for topical use that non-folded versions. These oils are used in the flavor and cosmetic industry in such products as cold processed soap or lip balm, where solubility and stability issues need to be addressed without affecting aroma. Folded essential oils are also ideal substitutes in "leave on" products, like lotion, where photosensitivity can be an issue.

Some folded orange oils, like the Orange 10X (ten fold) stocked at BathBodySupply.com are also decolorized to prevent discoloration of your end product.

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