This or That: Maple or Molasses?
With up to 24 antioxidants, like benzoic acid, gallic acid and cinnamic acid, working to counter the high sugar count found in syrup, these compounds serve to ensure your skin retains its moisture. You can find Sugar Maple Extract listed on cosmetic labels as Acer Saccharum Extract.

A study by the University of Rhode Island produced findings that suggested red maple leaf extract can act as a “plant-based Botox” by working to prevent inflammation, lighten dark spots, and even protect the skin’s elasticity. While the majority of these studies are still in their preliminary stages, the findings so far have proven promising in making the case that plant-based solutions for anti-aging geared skincare are out there and on the rise.

There are a few different forms of molasses: Blackstrap molasses is from raw sugarcane while unsulphured molasses comes from ripe sugarcane. Molasses can also helps nourish hair strands and follicles. Rich in potassium, copper, calcium, and magnesium, molasses also contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that promote smooth, toned skin. Molasses is commonly found in baked goods like pumpkin pie and gingerbread.

You can find molasses in skincare products containing brown sugar (or listed as Molasses Extract). The main difference between table sugar and brown sugar is the presence of molasses, which gives brown sugar its distinct color, flavor and moisture.

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