Product Spotlight: Vegetable Butters
Vegetable Butters are natural fats extracted from plant-based products which are solid or semi-solid at room temperature. Derived from a wide variety of natural sources, Vegetable Butters wear many hats in the cosmetics industry. Ranging in firmness from very soft (Aloe Butter) to very hard (Cocoa Butter) makes Vegetable Butter useful in a wide variety of applications from Body Butters to Bar Soaps to Lotion Bars, Salves and Lip Balms! 

Our favorite Vegetable Butter based products are Lotion Bars. carries a wide selection of Natural Butters and Waxes as well as Lotion Bar Tubes to make your Lotion Bar project a cinch! 

Easy Lotion Bar Recipe 

60g Shea Butter (Or any semi-soft BBS Vegetable Butter) 
30g Beeswax

Melt Shea Butter and Wax over low heat until liquid. 
Remove from heat and add fragrance as desired. 
Pour slightly cooled mixture into Lotion Bar Tubes and allow to set.

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