Formula: Lavender Vanilla Milky Bath
About This Formula:

Soak in a tub of these luxurious bath salts! You will feel pampered and relaxed from the skin-softening coconut milk and lavender and dead sea salts.

32 oz. Dead Sea Salt - Fine Grain


In a glass bowl, stir together fine and coarse dead sea salts.
Add lavender vanilla fragrance to dendritic salt and stir to combine.
Combine scented dendritic salt with the dead sea salt blend.
Spread the salt/essential oil blend onto cookie sheets that are covered in wax paper. Allow them to dry overnight.
Once your salts are dry, pour them back into a glass mixing bowl.
Pour coconut milk powder into a wire sifter and sift the powder into the salts. 
Stir in the coconut milk powder and lavender buds.
Place a Zip Pouch: 16oz. White with Window on a scale and tare. Add spoonfuls of the salt blend to the bag until the weight reaches 16 oz.
Before closing the bag, place a white 1/2 ounce scoop inside.
Label product accordingly.

TO USE: Add 2-4 scoops of product under running water and swish around to dissolve.

Ingredient Label: Sea Salt, Coconut Milk, Lavender Flower, Fragrance.

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