Formula: Euphoria Perfume Roll-On
 About This Formula:

Get ready for a night on the town with this seductive perfume! Made with MCT oil, this euphoric perfume absorbs well into skin.

  •  0.45 oz. Euphoria Fragrance Oil


Pour 1.35 oz. of MCT Oil into a plastic beaker.
Add .45 oz. of Euphoria Fragrance Oil and mix well.
Using a plastic dropper or pouring from the beaker, fill each glass bottle just to the shoulder so there is room for the plastic cone insert. 
Insert the cone into the bottle opening, then push the roller ball into the cone.
Twist on the caps. Package as desired.
Label product accordingly.

To Use: Apply to wrist area, neck or other areas of the skin. 

Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Fragrance.

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