Boozy Notes In Perfumery
Did you know that it is possible to use wine and liqueur notes in fragrance? Here are a few of the boozy notes you can find in modern (and vintage) fragrances:

Absinthe (Wormwood) notes: fresh, aniseed, mentholated, bitter and slightly woody notes.

Brandy (Rum) notes: hazelnut, vanilla, honey, ginger, cinnamon or burnished leather that wonderfully enhance oriental or woody fragrances.

Champagne notes: one of the fruity notes. In a perfume, it offers a myriad of subtle and mysterious notes thanks to its facets of licorice, undergrowth, caramel, mushrooms, red fruits, gingerbread, nuts, citrus, honey, almond and green.

Cognac notes: brings sweet and sulfurous notes to fragrance. It belongs to the oriental (ambery) family of raw materials because it is distinguished by vanilla notes. It also contains jasmine and candied fruit notes.

Gin notes: aniseed, spicy, mentholated, citrus, gourmand and camphor notes.

Limoncello notes: sweet, citrusy and slightly aromatic.

Vodka notes: green, spicy, aromatic, sometimes woody or fruity notes.

Wine notes: give the perfume a certain warm, sensual fruity alcoholic note.

Whisky notes: peaty, woody notes but also evokes fresh flowers, dried fruits, honey, heather, caramel, hay, smoked barley, and sometimes even citrus fruits, raspberries and freshly cut grass.

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