Back To School Favorites
For many students, school is back in session in just a couple of weeks! Now is the time to stock up on back-to-school staples. 

Hand Wash: Congregate settings breed germs and bacteria so now is prime time to stock up on hand cleansers to help keep these at bay.

Linen Spray: Keep the stink at bay with linen and room sprays that you can control. Consumer products aren’t required to list ingredients like cosmetics so making and selling your own with our Linen Spray base. For even more effective deodorizing, choose an odor neutralizing scent like or Agave Nectar fragrance.

Deodorant: Something about school makes teens stinkier than normal, maybe it’s the added gym class or the stress of peer to peer interactions. Offset this with our simple melt and pour deodorant base that you can customize with essential oils or naturally derived scents.

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