7 Uses For Bath Oil
Did you know that our Bath oil formulas are super-versatile? Here are 7 ways to use our Bath Oil bases: 

1. Bath Oil: Pour directly into bath water for a deeply hydrating bathing experience.

2. Beard Oil: Use as a hydrating facial hair and skin product.

3. Body Oil: Apply after bathing to any skin on the body that needs a heavier moisturizer than traditional lotion.

4. Belly Oil: Pregnancy can cause rapid stretching of the skin which leads to dry skin that needs a little extra love. Unscented or lightly scented products are best!

5. Scalp Treatment: Apply directly to scalp for added moisture for the scalp and hair. Apply at night and wrap hair for a deep conditioning treatment while sleeping. Simply shampoo well the next day!

6. Cuticle Oil: Great for pre and post manicure and can be used on both hands a feet.

7. Oil Cleansing: Oil cleansing works because the oil you use to cleanse with bonds to the oils and dirt on your skin for easier and more efficient removal. The oil also acts as a barrier to protect your skin, and keeps it soft and moisturized.

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