5 Tips For Creating Botanical Bath Salts
1. Choose Your Salt: Select your salt based upon its mineral properties and grain size. 

2. Choose Your Botanicals: Select botanicals based on their herbal properties and color to fit your product theme. 

3. Choose Your Fragrance: Select a complimentary, skin-safe fragrance to match your theme. Be sure to combine with a solubilizer like Polysorbate 20 so that the fragrance doesn't "float" on bath water and an absorbent like Dendritic Salt to keep your finished product "free-flowing". 

4. Choose The Right Packaging: Salt is hygroscopic and will attract moisture from the atmosphere. Be sure to use airtight packaging with absorbents like dendritic salt to prevent dampness and moldy botanicals. You can also purchase silica packets to include in your container to help keep things extra dry. Include stainless steel "tea diffusers", muslin or mesh bags or disposable tea bags to prevent botanicals from clogging drains. 

5. Have No Patience? Not Feeling Crafty? Create your own botanical dead sea salt blend and we will manufacture to order and deliver the finished product in bulk direct to your door!

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